Top 36 LGBTQ Couples That We Can’t Get Enough Of

May it be acting, singing, dancing, modelling, or whatever they may be known for in the entertainment industry, these amazing stars that we are about to list down have achieved a lot even behind the cameras. These celebrities with their beloved halves were lucky to be struck by Cupid’s arrow and keep that love despite the world they are a part of called “Hollywood”. Here are our top 36 couples that we just can’t seem to get enough of.

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor

We have all heard of the saying, “Age is just a number,” especially when it comes to love and these two are definitely here to prove that. Sarah Paulson aka Lana Winters from the American Horror Story, who’s blooming at the age of 44, and Holland Taylor kicking at 76, have been celebrating their love for about five years now and they look like they are as happy as ever. Can you see the smiles on their faces? They definitely look inseparable here!

Sarah and Holland started dating in 2015 wherein the latter boldly slid into Sarah’s DMs not long after they started being mutuals on social media. Cute story, huh. But do you know who also started out with a little flirting in the DMs?

Kathy Thompson

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