Tips for designing a nursery

Welcoming a new baby home may just be one of the happiest days of a family’s life. It’s such a pleasure welcoming a new life into the home! It is no wonder that most parents, especially the first-time ones, have a hard time designing a nursery. If you are a parent and currently facing this challenge, here are 7 tips for designing a nursery.

  1. Pick a theme

Visualize how you want your nursery to look like. Make sure that each aspect contributes to the overall theme. You can have several beautiful pieces but if there is no coherent theme, it will all look cluttered.

  1. Mind your proximity

If you have a choice in the matter, pick a room that is closest to your bedroom. Even though there are baby monitors you can use in any room of your house, it is recommended to put the nursery close to you. Think about how many nights you’ll spend walking in the dark while still sleepy.

  1. Be practical

Although we want the best for our child, be practical and try not to spend too much on items he will only use for a while. Some parents find it unnecessary to buy a bassinet for a newborn baby as the baby will only use it for a while. Instead, there are playpens that can be transformed from being a bassinet to a spacious playpen.

  1. Pay attention to the bedding

This is sometimes overlooked by parents. However, beddings must be a perfect fit for the crib as you don’t want any loose bedding edges which can cause suffocation in infants. Pick a bedding set that is 100% cotton with a higher thread count so that it doesn’t irritate the baby’s skin.

  1. Pick the colors

Instead of going for the usual blue and pink, look for soft, tranquil colors that are relaxing to the eyes. Nude beige or sage green are some popular colors for nursery rooms.

  1. Don’t forget to baby-proof!

It goes without saying why it is important to baby-proof not just the nursery but the entire home as well. Kids are naturally inquisitive and constantly learning about their environment. Even if you are only welcoming home an infant, in a few month’s time, it will be walking around and making his own adventures.

  1. Have a changing table and a comfortable chair

Last on the list of tips for designing a nursery is for you. Yes, you! You also need to take care of yourself so you have enough energy to continue caring from the baby. A changing table will save you the trouble of finding a good spot to change the baby’s nappies. You also don’t have to worry about where to throw soiled nappies. A comfortable rocking chair will also help ease any back pains that you might be experiencing.

These are general and straight tips for designing a nursery. Of course, each situation is different and it is important to spend time as to how you want your nursery to be set up.

Karen Williams

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