sweet 16 home party

Even though most parts of the world are on quarantine, we can still celebrate life and continue living as best as we can. If you will be celebrating a special occasion soon, such as a birthday or a wedding anniversary, you might find yourself worrying about how to celebrate it and make it special. Here are 10 virtual sweet 16 home party ideas.

  1. Still send an invitation

There are a lot of websites where you can create and download virtual e-invites. An e-invite sets the tone of the event and makes your even official, even if you are only celebrating it virtually.

  1. Make a video greeting

Ask your guests to send through a short 20-sec clip of their greeting and make a montage, which will be shown during the party. If you can get someone to collate this for you is highly recommended so the contents will still be a mystery until you watch it in your party.

  1. Dress-up

Celebrating your sweet 16 home party virtually doesn’t need to be a total drag. Have your guests dress-up and get all glammed up to set the right mood for the party. Have a theme and pick the best dressed who will win something at the end of the party.

  1. Set up a video call

Since you can’t have guests come to your home for your sweet 16 home party, bring the party to them via video conference. You can schedule a video call in Zoom and host up to 100 participants free of charge.

  1. Deliver drinks or food to your guests

You can have a simple party tray or non-alcoholic beverage delivered to your guests’ home which you can all enjoy at the same time during your video call. The logistics of it all might be a bit hard so you can just commission a local restaurant to host your event and your guests can place their individual orders directly with them.

  1. Host a Netflix Watch Party

You can download the extension on your web browser and you can watch the same movie with your friends at the same time. Just make sure that all of you haven’t seen the movie so that there aren’t any spoilers!

  1. Do a spa day at home

Send your guests some face masks and eye masks and let the pampering get started! You can do Mani and Pedi while gossiping about the latest celebrity news. You can send them a 9-step facial care regimen which you can all do at the same time via a video call.

  1. Let’s get physical!

You can also have a yoga party or a Zumba party via video call! You can get your friends off the couch and break a sweat with some grooving and dancing! Get into a healthy lifestyle while celebrating your sweet 16 home party!

Being quarantined doesn’t mean we stop having fun! Just use your imagination so you can celebrate your sweet 16 home party and make it a memorable event!

Karen Williams

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