Hilarious Signs That Will Make You Look Twice

We have already seen this scene in all of the movies: A person arrives at the airport after a long and tiresome flight and they’re just glad to be home. They walk out of the arrivals area, still groggy with sore back muscles and cramped up legs, weakly dragging their luggage, and finally check the hall to see if they have their loved ones waiting for them.

And out of nowhere, they see a huge sign that says something in the lines of a welcome back held by their family –  and just like that, they seem to forget how tired they are from the flight and they just run to the loving arms of the people holding up the sign with a giant smile etched on their happy faces. With maybe a touch of tears.

But then, it cannot be helped for some family members and friends to be natural trolls and would just immediately take every chance they could to humiliate their loved ones with “welcome home” signs that are not exactly written in ways you would expect it.

Just click on next to see more of these hilarious and awkwardly worthy signs to bless the atmosphere of the arrivals area in the airport.

Kathy Thompson

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