9 Funny movies from the 90s to watch while under quarantine

Staying at home need not be a problem if you have a line up of funny movies to watch! If you
are looking for a good laugh, here are our top 9 funny movies from the 90s!

  1. Dumb and dumber

The movie that set off Jim Carey’s career is the first on our list! Two good-hearted but incredibly dumb friends have an accidental run-in with the mobs and thus begin their cross-country adventure. If you want a good laugh without a complicated storyline, dumb and dumber is our top pick.

  1. There’s Something About Mary

This romantic comedy follows Ted, a lovable geek, who hunts down his highschool sweetheart in the attempts to win her heart. Ted soon realizes that he has to compete with a lot of contenders to win Mary’s heart. The scene with the hair gel is guaranteed to crack a few laughs!

  1. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

This is the first installment of the Austin Powers franchise and our list of funny movies cannot be complete without it! Austin Powers is a secret agent in the 60s is brought out of cryofreeze in order to help save the world. He does all this while keeping his mojo.

  1. Billy Madison

Adam Sandler is a genius when it comes to making funny movies and Billy madison is one of our favorites. Billy is a spoiled rich kid who needed to change and leave behind his irresponsible ways. He goes back to school to earn a real education to save his father’s business.

  1. Clueless

Alicia Silverstone is Cher, who is a spoiled rich-kid who is trying to find herself and know herself better. Through the help of her friends, she navigates high school and finds love unexpectedly. She soon learns that there are far more important things in life aside from finding the perfect outfit to wear.

  1. Mrs. Doubtfire

Robin Williams is reeling from his divorce and is desperate to see his kids. He dresses up as a nanny to be able to spend time with them. Learning domesticity and learning more about his kids opens his eyes as to what really matters in life.

  1. American Pie

A group of friends who are about to graduate highschool navigate the perils of sexuality and intimacy. It candidly tells how each of them goes through the rite of adulthood, preparing them for the next phase of their lives.

  1. Home Alone

Kevin gets left behind from a family trip and needs to defend his family’s house from two robbers. He cleverly sets up booby traps to try and put up a good fight. He makes unexpected friends along the way and discovers a new-found appreciation for his family.

  1. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

We’re capping off our list of funny movies with Jim Carey’s comedy detective film. He is tasked to find the missing mascot of a football film. As Ace closes in on the suspects, he gets into a crazy misadventure but eventually closes the case, earning the respect of the Miami Police Department.

Kathy Thompson

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